Sweeping Valid Link Exchange

Diposting oleh Admin | 17.01

Today, I just sweep the valid link exchange at my blog. Surprised with the number of invalid link, there were 15 links valid link only from totally 35 links installed in my blog. Oh my God, so far I have supporting 20 blogs belong to other people by installing their link in my blog . They got one way back links from me for free.

It's okay, today I have sweep all the links that I do not have back link from them. I will do this kind of sweeping periodically, to improve my blogs at the search engine. Except they pay me to install their links. But If you feel that you have install my link in your blog and you can not see your link in this blog, you can post your comment at below post or at my cbox and notify me that your link is missing. I will re install your link after I checked my link installed correctly in your blog.

If you need one way link from me, just send me email to mnh962(at)gmail.com, I will reply your email as soon as possible.

2 komentar
  1. Uchiha Orithachi "ofri" 1 Oktober 2011 00.45  

    english ga ngarti......

    thanks ats kunjungannya....

    Ganti nama facebook limit

  2. smp 3 lembang 1 Oktober 2011 05.38  

    yes no problem just add my link I will add your link just choose in sidebar or in page